Does your performance match your potential ?

DOOR Training programs are designed to provide the highest quality training results.

DOOR Training programs are modular and incorporate competency-based learning.

A course may be customized to specific events or examples but you can be assured that the objectives learned in one country are the same in the next country.

Your local DOOR Trainer will tailor materials and delivery to ensure each learning experience reflects the most effective, practical, local voice.


Why chose DOOR Training & Consulting Switzerland ?

  • We give an average of 400 training days per year
  • We have trained more than 6'000 employees during the last 3 years
  • We have more than 60 different services in our portfolio
  • We are the choice of multinationals such as Philip Morris, Logitech and Syngenta
  • We have a client satisfaction average of 4.6/5